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Here are our podcasts. We are improving as we go along. That was only way to go. When we reference a book or subject we have seen on the internet that link is provided in the description on YouTube or on our Links page. Be sure to click on the picture and watch on larger screen on my YouTube Channel. Like and Subscribe. We suggest watching latest to earliest. Top to Bottom.

Episode 10. No Oil Twyla and Al discuss using a two part video the detremential effect of oil (fat) on the human body and how long science has know this.

Episode 9. Processed People.  Twyla and Al discuss the 40 minute Plant Based Documentary Processed People 2008.

Episode 8. Earth Day Part 2. This is the last of our Earth Day Specials. This is the video we discuss and you MUST watch:

Episode 7. Earth Day Part 1. This is the first of our Earth Day Specials. This is the video we discuss and you MUST watch:

Episode 6. We discuss the ground breaking movie Forks Over Knives. One of the first movies that suggest that Diet can be used to stop and reverse chronic diseases. We also mention several fun links that are displayed in the description below the video on YouTube.

Episode 5. This is our first episode with our new microphones. I don’t know if the sound is better, but I am trying to be as heard as well as Twyla. We discuss desserts and mention 4 recipes which are on the YouTube description below the video, so click on the video, get a larger picture and all the info.

Episode 3. (no matter what I say in the video). Twyla discusses two books. We ask 6 questions. I repeat a story about almost buying an E-bike, rambling on like a dottering old man. We are still having fun though. Links are in the YouTube descriptions under the video.

Episode 2. We are starting to get it together. We change our shirts so that  you think time has passed, but Twyla blurts out the date.

Episode 1. This is our second (published) video, which is supposed to be called our first. You think you are confused, we are calling our videos podcasts. We almost have it together. We ordered some microphones, only to discover they would not work with my camera.

Twyla teaches a class every Wednesday at Chili Smith in Carmichael CA. We decided to video this one on March 11, 2020. We tried a camera as well as our phone. The phone won. Sound not so good, but we have ordered microphones.

Episode 0000. OK, this is our first video, which for some reason is supposed to be labeled 0. We wanted ours to be really good so we labeled it 0000. We explain what we are going to do with these PodCasts. Unfortunately the first couple of minutes did not record. You don't have to email and tell us that. You can however email us and give us some feedback. Be nice, we are old and fragile.

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