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Here are some survivor stories that we have found inspiring.

Every year Holistic Holliday has a healthy Vegan Cruise. ( ) It is in the Caribbean and offers No Oil options for every meal, as well as noted speakers, like Dr. Esselstyn, Dr, Greger, Dr, Barnard, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Klapper and more. There are cooking classes with the likes of Chef AJ and Tami Kramer from Nutmeg Notebook. The two cruise I have been on have had “Recovery Panels”, where cruisers like myself told how a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle saved our lives. Most of these stories are incredibly inspiring.

In January 2019 I was on a Panel titled "How a Whole Food Plant Based Diet Saved Us"at the 2019 SacVegFest, in Sacramento. My co-panelists were Anthony Coll and Esther Loveridge.

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