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Staying Alive WFPB

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This website  Staying Alive Whole Food Plant Base is for our Blog, Podcast, Videos, and Resources to help you begin and sustain living a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. It was created by and for Seasoned Citizens.

I am a 86 year old Coronary Artery and kidney Disease survivor. I have survived by using Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle for the past 5 years. I went from a Cardiac Cripple in less than two months. Since then I have led an active and energetic life. You can watch my story HERE. My recovery is by any measure fantastic.

You may have come across this website because I met you on the bike path, perhaps I gave you my card some time during the day when I met you, or perhaps you followed the signature on the bottom of my email. In any event you are here now, and I have created this website, with the help of friends, to be a resource for the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.

If your parents, grandparents, or you have some health challenges, in all probability it is food borne. This website can help with those problems. As Dr. McDougall says, “It works every time it’s tried”. And I say” It does not cost anything, and there is NO downside”.


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